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Sabahat Jamil
I AM IN LOVE WITH AIMFIT.....I repeat I AM IN LOVE WITH AIMFIT.....I was a kind of a person who had never worked out in her entire life....even walking felt like the most difficult task.....Then I got married....had my 1st baby normally and I was back to my previous weight within a month without doing anything....Gym was out of the question for me but I heard so much about DANCEFIT from my peers that I was tempted to join it as well as scared since it was my 1st time ever doing any sort of workout....I still remember my first Dancefit class in April 2017....It was with the ever awesome Mona Ali...totally LOVED it and then how can i forget Marium Faraz.
Samia Shafique
Today I would like to share my transformational journey (never thought I would say this ever)! I lost 15kgs in total 8 kgs with diet and 7 kgs after joining Aimfit. So, from October last year I started watching my diet and started working out with AimFit from January 2020. Joining Aimfit was the turning point for me! It was like I had tapped into some of my hidden energy reserves! This new found energy and positivity led me to study for the courses I had been aiming to do but never found the time to. Now with a breastfed toddler and studies to do taking time to workout becomes challenging but I make sure I never miss it out because that’s the highlight of my day! It is purely therapeutical. **I love love love working out with this awesome group of instructors!** **May you all reach your fitness goals and feel the boost of self esteem and positivity that I feel every single day **
Ayesha Hanif
- Joined AimFit a little more than 3 weeks back and before this I was struggling with consistency and motivation. But AimFit is SUCH a feel good place. **The vibe is so positive and empowering that I didn't take a single day off. And don't plan to either.** It's a place where I want to show up for myself everyday. Lots and lots of appreciation for all instructors. Working out with Mehak Imran and Janat Larab these days and they're both great! Special shout out to Janat for giving us her best today despite been unwell. Unbelievable energy. 🙌 Also Zahra Ahmad!! Took a couple of dance fit classes in GT she's a class apart.
Aman Malik
I joined AimFit back in April 2019.. And before that I was like really fat and a foodie person .. If i was happy, sad or stressed the only thing I do was eating n then regret it (especially after watching weighing machine 🤣😂) but AimFit totally changed me.. Joining AimFit is one of my best decision I have ever made.. It has changed my concept of weight loss.. Losing weight doesn't mean having ideal numbers on weighing machine with zero stamina and strength.. Means it is good that you have ideal digits on scale but you should also be strong from inside... I have taken back to back classes (including lift and trust me ladies lift really really really help you in toning your body.. It a wrong myth that you will gain weight or build muscle etc etc etc..It will really help you in toning plus building strength in you esp upper body strength which we as a women doesn't have) Always try to spread positive vibe ❤️❤️❤️
Tayyaba Azhar
My fitness journey at AimFit started in August 2020. Till now I have lost 20kgs and a lot of ready to wear dress size has come down from XL to M 😱 I want to give a big shout out to Fatima Faisal…you always push me to my limits and your appreciation, motivation and constant guidance keeps me going. Thanks to Mariyam Liaqat..Aiza Jahangir and Sana Israr for being amazing instructors 💕 Thanks you ladies for being sooooo kind and encouraging. I love working out with you guys…💕 Thanks to AimFit Phase V guys are so accommodating and welcoming ..Thanks🙏 Aimfit is my happy place and there is no going back for me 💕
Anonymous AimFit App Client
Amna has been so polite throughout. She’d listen to me and suggest me accordingly. There were days when I felt awful and wanted to miss workouts but she was there to keep me going. I felt comfortable sharing each detail of my experience with her.
Sana Shahzad
Sep 9, 2021
The second phase in my fitness journey began with AimFit home workouts - it was a blessing! The goal in my mind was to work on my stamina and try our different exercises. I read fitness articles and listened to my AimFit instructors. That is when my mindset evolved, and I added more things in my workout mix.
Sadia Peracha
Sep 21, 2021
Perks of being an AimFitter… we spent the whole 20 minutes time practicing wall-sits while the entire train was crowded and we had no seats to sit on…just keeping ourselves entertained (even maybe some folks around us)
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