Recipe Series: Veggie Eggs 🍳

Our moms have always stressed on the importance of breakfast - & as we grow up, we’re starting to get why! Breakfast sets the tone for the day. It gives us the energy we need to power through the day’s tasks, run errands, do chores or just sit down, have a wholesome meal and relax!

To truly reap the benefits of breakfast, you need to ensure that your breakfast items are packed with protein & fiber. Don’t look any further, we have the perfect recipe for you!

These veggie fried eggs are simple to make, don’t require much meal prep, and have that perfect desi kick to them to suit your palate!


🍳 2 tsp olive oil
🍳 2 eggs
🍳 Vegetables of choice - onions, tomatoes, capsicum, spinach used above
🍳 1 tsp zeera powder
🍳 Salt & pepper to taste
🍳 Spring onions for garnishing (optional)

Finely chop all your veggies and fry them in olive oil. Add seasoning with zeera powder, salt, pepper, any other masalas of your liking. Now add the eggs and let them cook. Voilà! Garnish & enjoy with bran or multigrain or white bread - whichever you like best!

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