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Short & effective goal-based workouts that guarantee results


Elevate physical and mental health with a combination of powerful yoga postures, breathing techniques and meditation practices.


Improve cardiovascular fitness and get your body in a fat-burn mode with high intensity interval training combining weights & cardio.


Build muscle and overall strength with weightlifting, bodyweight movements, and resistance training.


Strengthen your core, improve flexibility, posture and overall balance with low-impact, isolated pilates exercises.


Burn calories, get in shape & uplift your mood instantly while dancing to your favorite beats!


Gentle exercises to recharge your body by focusing on muscle repair, enhanced circulation and stress reduction

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Fall in love with movement with goal-based classes that get results


Fuel energy levels & hit your fitness goal with balanced meals


See sustainable long-lasting results with guidance on sleep, stress & hormonal balance from expert instructors & coaches.


Support, motivate and share your fitness journey with women just like you!

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Hear why our members love AimFit

For someone who always made excuses and kept falling off track, Pro Plus has been a game changer. My fitness advisor has helped me understand and unlock my fitness goals like nobody has ever done before!

Musfirah Alam

I love working with my fitness advisor! My advisor has helped me so much with my motivation - she listens with empathy, helps me set goals and always gives a practical solution when I am stuck with daily challenges.

Rameen Yousuf

Amazing experience so far! The user interface is very simple and the online Zoom classes allow me to stay connected & workout with all my friends through one App.

Nina Ali

I’ve seen visible weight loss results with Pro online workouts since all the instructors are very motivating and really push you to achieve your fitness goals. Highly recommend!

Nuzhat Kashif

I’ve been working out with Pro for a while & I love it. AimFit has totally redefined working out at home for me since I never get time to buy gym membership due to my busy office schedules.

Ammara Khan

The number of friends and family members I’ve bought to AimFit with myself is a true testimony of how much I love the place. From the moment you walk in, you feel like you’re at home. That’s a truly special feeling!

Faria J. Mirza

I could go on and on about the reasons why AimFit studios are a game changer. But the one thing that stands out for me is the quality of the workouts - each program has an educated, informed goal and that truly sets them apart from any other gym in the market

Simmi Ahmed

I used to be someone who hated exercising and working out. It always felt like a punishment until I joined AimFit studios. Not only did it make me fall in movement but also made me realize what a privilege it is to be strong, independent and pain-free!

Naima Ishtiaq

I’ve been an AimFit member for nearly 6 years and going to the studios is truly the best part of my day! The instructors, the community, the friends I’ve made at AimFit over the years - have truly shaped the strong woman I am today

Leila Nizam

I had worked out at various gyms for over 3 years before I joined AimFit Phase 5. The level of coaching, program variety and focus on overall health that I found here is unmatched and it truly got me the results I wanted!

Mariam Jamali

If you are looking for a challenge, while being safe and in control, get on the aerial swing with Zainab. She makes sure that everyone in her class has a strong foundation before trying out complex poses. The right combination of comfort and a push when needed

Madiha Azam

Do yourself a favor and take the Power Pilates class with Mariyam. Your joints and small muscles will thank you. Never felt so flexible and light in my movements before

Ameena Shaikh

I’ve been doing yoga for over 3 years but have never been able to get into advanced positions like crow and headstand with such ease and control. The small groups and individual attention have made all the difference!

Nimra Ahmed

Absolutely in love with my aerial practice! Even though I had a lot of concerns as a beginner, the instructors made sure I was safe and comfortable on the swing at all times while pushing my limits. Highly recommend!

Sarah Idrees

Finally a solution for women that is built understanding their strengths and challenges. No shortcuts, no gimmicks – everyone at AimFit is committed to educating and empowering you while helping you unlock new fitness milestones.

Binish Anwer

There is so much misinformation and bad advice in the market, especially about women’s health. Please save yourself from mistakes and frustration and join AimFit today! They know what they are doing and I trust them completely.

Sarosh Ahmed

Nobody understands the importance of women being strong and self-sufficient better than AimFit. Not only has my physical health improved tremendously, but I’ve learnt how to prioritize & love myself ever since I joined.

Nadya Obaid

I had almost given up on my fitness due to my crazy work hours. No ladies timings at any gym worked for me until I came across AimFit’s online workouts. The quality and instructors are world-class and I am so grateful to have found a solution that works for me.

Shehzeen Khan

After my second C-section, my body developed even more stubborn fat than before. So when Aimfit came up with Home Workouts (and to my rescue), I couldn't be more thrilled. Now, 4 months later I have lost 11 kgs and many inches.

Aniqua Tariq

I've lost 26 pounds over 9 months. Those killer Dancefit, Combo fit and lift classes were totally worth it. Joining AimFit was the best decision I've ever made so far!

Mahnoor Amjad

The stress of managing a 9 to 5 job and family led me to constantly gain weight. But then, AimFit came to the rescue. I have lost 17 Kgs in 6 HIIT FIT cycles!

Zeest Qazil

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