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Identify your fitness goal and pick the right program accordingly.

All our classes can be adjusted for beginner and advanced levels. If you are currently pre or post natal or dealing with an injury or a special condition, we have certified instructors to coach and take care of you.

Class Pass: Mix & Match from a variety of classes

Get active, look good and feel strong with a variety of classes including Strength, Yoga, HIIT, Dance & Pilates. Sign up any time!

AimFit X: Experience the Luxury of Fitness

Learn new skills, work with exciting props and master your technique in our exclusive semi-private AimFit X classes!

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Multiple plans to suit your fitness needs


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2-week Intro offer

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12 classes

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12-Class Pass

12 classes / month

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16-Class Pass

16 classes / month

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20-Class Pass

20 classes/month

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Aimfit X

Aerial Yoga, Yoga X, Pilates X & more

12 classes / month

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24-Class Pass

24 classes/month

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32-Class Pass

32 classes / month

Starting from



15% discount for students and senior citizens.

One-time membership fee: Rs. 10,000.

All packages have a one month validity. T&C applied.

Meet our Instructors

World-class instructors who will motivate, support and help you level up with each workout!

Rana Nadya


Aisha Shah

Zainab Mansoor

Sophia Hameed

Yumna Siddiqui

Mehr Samad

Tamseel Waqas

Fatima Faisal

Mashal Faran

Mariyam Liaqat

Hadia Habib

Gulbadeen Majeed

Amna Nomani

Eleena Naz

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Hear why our members love AimFit

The number of friends and family members I’ve bought to AimFit with myself is a true testimony of how much I love the place. From the moment you walk in, you feel like you’re at home. That’s a truly special feeling!

Faria J. Mirza

I could go on and on about the reasons why AimFit studios are a game changer. But the one thing that stands out for me is the quality of the workouts - each program has an educated, informed goal and that truly sets them apart from any other gym in the market

Simmi Ahmed

I used to be someone who hated exercising and working out. It always felt like a punishment until I joined AimFit studios. Not only did it make me fall in movement but also made me realize what a privilege it is to be strong, independent and pain-free!

Naima Ishtiaq

I’ve been an AimFit member for nearly 6 years and going to the studios is truly the best part of my day! The instructors, the community, the friends I’ve made at AimFit over the years - have truly shaped the strong woman I am today

Leila Nizam

I had worked out at various gyms for over 3 years before I joined AimFit Phase 5. The level of coaching, program variety and focus on overall health that I found here is unmatched and it truly got me the results I wanted!

Mariam Jamali

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