Tell me about the AimFit App?

Pakistan’s #1 digital health & wellness solution. We believe in goal-based fitness with a lens on world-class workouts, meal plans & tracking, and wellness coaches that set up women for success in their fitness journey. Our data-driven approach allows us to create a custom, personalized user experience for every user taking into account their age, activity levels, overall health and fitness goals.

What are the charges for online workouts?

Online workouts can be accessed on the AimFit App, Live or Recorded for PKR. 1999 per month only.

Why does AimFit recommend a portion plan to help me achieve my fitness goal?

Balanced nutrition is a critical contributor to good overall health and wellness. AimFit recommends a balanced and holistic diet, which is non restrictive and allows people to eat whatever they like, while ensuring they are not depriving themselves of critical nutrients and minerals. A portion plan recommends you to eat from all the main food groups, according to your personal requirement and in line with your fitness goal. It ensures you are not eliminating a food group and obsessing over just calories. Long term health can only be maintained by eating from all critical food groups. Top health care bodies globally recommend balanced eating in a similar way which you can explore more about by clicking on the links below:

Canada's Food Guide

NHS - The Eatwell Guide

How does AimFit calculate each user’s calorie requirements based on their personal data?

Calculating BMR:
Formula for Women BMR = [10 × weight (kg)] +[6.25 × height (cm)] − (5 × age (yrs)) − 161
Formula for Men BMR  = [10 × weight (kg)] +[6.25 × height (cm)] − (5 × age (yrs)) + 5

Individual calorie requirements are based on personal data of age, gender, height and current weight. Additionally, our lifestyle choice (Sedentary vs active) and any activity and workouts we do also contribute to our daily calorie requirements. At AimFit, we use the following formulas to calculate the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) of an individual. You can explore more about BMR by clicking here

What calorie deficit or excess does the AimFit portion plan recommend for those looking to lose or gain weight, respectively?

The final contributing factor to the AimFit calculation of your portion plan is your goal - for people looking to gain, lose or maintain weight, the recommended plans are tailored accordingly. We recommend a 500 calorie deficit or excess for people looking to lose or gain weight respectively and no deficit or excess for people looking to maintain weight. This is to ensure a realistic plan which people can follow sustainably without their energy levels and performance being impacted. For pregnant and breastfeeding women, an extra 300 calories are added to their BMR. Pregnant women are not recommended a weight loss plan even if they ask for one, where as breastfeeding women are provided a calorie deficit if they select weight loss as their goal. For more information, you can also check out the link below.

WebMD - Calorie Deficit: What to Know

Will I be able to contact the instructors through the App?

You will have an onboarding call with one of our AimFit Coaches who will suggest a workout plan based on your workout history and goal. The AimFit Coach will be with you throughout, monitoring your progress and motivating you along the way. For the live classes, there will be a two way camera where the instructor will be able to look at your progress and postures.

How can I delete my account?

You may request your Coach or Customer Support to delete your account and they will give you a confirmation once your request is completely processed.

Tell me about studio prices.

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Where are you located?

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