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Introducing Strength X

  • Learn complex lifts
  • Master progressive movements
  • Get comfortable with functional strength equipment

Classes offered at - Y Block, Lahore!

5 Week Customizable Program

5:30 pm - 7:45 pm

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Contact 0331-4661159

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Introducing Mat Sculpt with Sophia Hameed

  • Classes Starting 4th September
  • Modern take on classical Pilates moves
  • Restorative techniques to improve your posture and alignment
  • Inclusive of Beginners & Advanced practitioners

Classes Offered at- Phase 5, Lahore

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

9:30am - 10:30am

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Contact 0333-3246348

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Ifrah Humayun

Swing & Flow – with Aerial Yoga

  • Improve balance, mobility & flexibility
  • Alleviate back & neck pressure
  • Relieve stress & have fun!

Classes Offered At Phase 5, Lahore

Monday, Wednesday & Friday

6:45 pm - 7:45 pm

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Contact 0333-3246348

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Exclusive with

Mashal Faran

Introducing Aerial Yoga

  • Classes starting 18th July
  • Perfect for beginners & advanced practitioners
  • Limited spots available

Classes Offered At Garden Town, Lahore

Tuesday & Thursday

7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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Contact 0315-424638

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Exclusive with

Zainab Hummayun

Master Your Practice – with Yoga X

  • Create a strong yoga foundation
  • Build stability, strength and a strong mind-body connection
  • Transition to complex poses safely & smoothly

Classes Offered at - Phase 5, Lahore

Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday

10:15 am - 11:15 am

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Contact 0333-3246348

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Exclusive with

Mariyam Liaqat

Introducing Pilates X

  • More Personalized Experience
  • Range of Props and Equipment involved
  • Modification specific to your bodies

Classes Offered at - Phase 5, Lahore!

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

06:00 pm - 07:00 pm

Price starting from

PKR 18,000

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Suitable for beginners & advanced fitness levels

Smaller groups

Modification specific to your bodies

More attention

More personalisation

What we Offer

Yoga X

Master your foundations and bring control and awareness into your yoga practice.

Aerial Yoga

Get on the swing to balance and flow like a queen.

Pilates X

Strengthen your core and improve mobility with low-impact, prop-based moves

Strength X

Get ripped and elevate your strength game with an explosive full-body workout.

AimFit Instructor Training

Functional, nutritional & biomechanics training to master your craft as a fitness instructor.

Meet Your AimFit X instructors

Smash your fitness goals with the best team in the business!

Mahlaqa Shaukat

Ifrah Humayun


Zainab Hummayun

Mashal Faran

Mariyam Liaqat

Experience world-class fitness

Limited slots available for each class. Contact your nearest branch for details and reserve your spot now!

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If you are looking for a challenge, while being safe and in control, get on the aerial swing with Zainab. She makes sure that everyone in her class has a strong foundation before trying out complex poses. The right combination of comfort and a push when needed

Madiha Azam

Do yourself a favor and take the Power Pilates class with Mariyam. Your joints and small muscles will thank you. Never felt so flexible and light in my movements before

Ameena Shaikh

I’ve been doing yoga for over 3 years but have never been able to get into advanced positions like crow and headstand with such ease and control. The small groups and individual attention have made all the difference!

Nimra Ahmed

Absolutely in love with my aerial practice! Even though I had a lot of concerns as a beginner, the instructors made sure I was safe and comfortable on the swing at all times while pushing my limits. Highly recommend!

Sarah Idrees

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