4 Fitness Zones 1 Dynamic Class - Introducing Power Sculpt Program

As a fitness & wellness brand for women, one of the goals AimFit has set for 2024 and beyond is to continuously innovate our fitness offerings and services for our community to stay ahead of the market curve.

All the latest research in fitness especially for women is clearly highlighting benefits of strength training for women, specifically lifting heavy and following a progressive overload methodology. Along with this, it stays ever important to work on:

  • Mobility
  • Joint health and ROM (range-of-movement)
  • Neuromuscular training of deep core and deep accessory muscles
  • Cardio stamina and fitness

Now imagine a fitness program that incorporates all the above research so that women get the most out of their workouts - Introducing Power Sculpt Program which has recently been launched at our Garden Town Studio branch in Lahore.


A typical Power Sculpt class has 4 different zones (Power, Core & Mobility, Strength and Cardio) of training and is about 60mins in duration.

You will start off in the Power Zone where you will do heavy compound lifts and movements such as Squats, Deadlifts, Chest Press and many others assisted safely by on-ground instructor assistance and grade A quality equipment such as power lifting stations and racks.

The next zone is Strength where you will be using slightly heavier dumbbells to work on isolation accessory and compound accessory lifts.

Moreover, moving on to the second half of the class, you will be working on core bias strength training with the help of TRX cables, mobility training with the help of Pilates rings and strength bands and cardio training with the help of boxing bags as well as body weight cardio.


This program is ideal for anyone (beginner-advance) who wants to get fitter, get stronger or lose weight. All the latest research now tells us that regardless, if your goal is to lose weight or to just build strength, you've got to focus on retaining your muscles so that your body loses fat.

The best strategy to meet this goal is to make sure you're lifting a little bit heavier to give a signal to your body to preserve your muscle mass and with the right nutrition, you can easily successfully lose fat with this program while making sure that you're getting stronger and building lean muscle.

We can’t wait for you to join our Power Sculpt program & experience a dynamic workout class like never before!

For More Details on the Program, Contact Us: 0315-4246348

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