5 Hacks To Stay In A Calorie Deficit Without Counting Calories

There are many different routes and options available in the market, to achieve your fat/weight loss goals but your job is to WISELY CHOOSE the most SUSTAINABLE plan that leads to effective and manageable weight loss without feeling too overwhelmed.

We bring you 5 hacks that guarantee sustainable results, but only if you make follow them consistently and make them part of your daily routine.

  1. Limit your eating window - Stop eating post 7 PM. This will ensure you bring your insulin levels down over-night creating an environment that can support fat loss
  2. Fix your bed time - Sleep by max 10:30 PM so you don’t end up breaking Rule#1. If you stay awake till late, you’ll eventually end up snacking. Remember sleeping well balances hunger hormones.
  3. Eat a protein enriched breakfast - Try to incorporate healthy fats and eliminate simple carbs and added sugar from breakfast. A combination of protein, fibre and fat based breakfast as your first meal of the day will keep your tummy full all day; thus reducing unnecessary cravings.
  4. Hydrate - Drink at least 12-14 glasses of water and especially with the temperatures rising daily, it’s also important to mix a little bit of salt in your water or drink ORS to replenish your body with electrolytes.
  5. Balance your meal plates- Follow the AimFit Plate Method Guide so that in each of your meals you can prioritise low calorie dense foods yet continue to enjoy eating everything in proportion.

For more guidance on healthy fats, low calorie dense food options and how to effectively balance your plates, join our FREE INTELLIGENT WEIGHT LOSS WHATSAPP GROUP and comment “AimFit Plate Method” to shred and lose fat the sustainable way this summer!

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